Photography in The Digital Age

Many professional and amateur photographers alike exclusively use digital as their main source of photography medium.   For years’ film was the only option for photographers.  But now DLSR cameras and even the newer mirror less cameras are to go to for the industry.

Since the digital revolution many camera makers have made the art of photography easer than ever before.  This is what may be the reason so many new photographers have entered the market.  You may have noticed many local photographers have capitalized on the ease of use of these newer cameras, and started charging for their services.

One of our favorite pass time is to check out review site on all the new photography gear that is being pushed out into the market. From cameras, to bags and even a c stand.  Sites like have awesome reviews on new and upcoming products for your digital photography arsenal.  You can generally find useful information about products you may be interested in purchasing.

Many photographers will have a big decision coming up soon with the invention and popularity of mirror less cameras.  For the last several years DSLR’s have ruled the photography world.  With brands like canon and Nikon.  But now Sony and Panasonic have really stepped up their games in the mirror less digital game. This Modesto photographer is one of the best we have seen!

Much like the computer market, digital camera makers try to get their consumers to buy into their ecosystem.  Benefiting from their users not only purchasing a camera body, but also lenses and other accessories.  While mirror less cameras are the wave of the future, they do have some room for improvement.  Especially when it come to low light situations and auto focusing.  Once manufactures figure out the magic juice of these to components in the camera we think you will see a mass exodus in the DLSR market.  Canon and Nikon may be left in the dust if they do not make their move soon into the mirror less game.

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